Master P’s contributes to economic wealth in the Black community, replaces major brands like Uncle Ben’s and Aunt Jemima

Written by: Sana Moore – June 22nd, 2020 10:22pm pst

Master P is known for doing it all. Who else do you know who’s played professional basketball, had a rap career, is an entrepreneur, and so much more? Recently food brands like Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s rice have been receiving heat for their logos. Master P decided to take matters into his own hands and create products that serve instead of exploit Black people. Here’s a list of his products he’s created over the years to replace major brands. 

Uncle P’s Pancakes 

There is nothing he won’t create! Master P released his new pancake mix and syrup. He made this Instagram post about the importance of ownership within the Black community. 

Uncle P’s Louisiana Seasoned Rice 

According to the New York Times, Uncle Ben’s Rice had a racist name because back in the day, ‘uncle’ and ‘aunt’ was used as titles to replace Mr. and Mrs. During that time, racist white people didn’t want to use Mr. or Mrs. because it showed too much respect for Black people. At this time, Blacks were considered to be beneath whites and they didn’t believe Blacks should be given the same respect as white people. 

Rap Snacks

Credit: Rap Snacks

In 1994, Master P created Rap Snacks, and they are not your ordinary potato chips. Rap Snacks is Black owned and all of your favorite rappers have their own flavors. Cardi B has ‘Honey Drip Butter Popcorn,’ Migos with ‘White Cheddar with a Dab of Ranch Cheese Puffs,’ and Lil Yatchy has ‘Oowee Hot Chili and Lime Hot Cruchi Curls.’ There’s even a flavor for the vegans like the ‘Slutty Vegan Maple BBQ Kettle Chips.’ 

Rap Noodles 

No need to stock up on Maruchan Ramen noodles, because Rap Noodles is ready to take its place. Rap Noodles has flavors like Veggie Medley for vegans, Southern Chicken, Sirloin Steak Beef, Spicy Picante Chicken, and more. 

“We’re Rap Noodles, we’re the King Kong of Noodles,” Master P said on his YouTube channel. 

What product do you think Master P will come up with next? Let us know in the comments! 

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