Michael Jackson’s Nephew Clears Up Rumors of Feud with Prince

Written by: Erika Hunter – September 18th, 2019 10:54pm PT

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Michael Jackson’s family is finally clearing up the rumors about his alleged feud with fellow superstar Prince.

Michael Jackson’s nephew, TJ, sat down with Black Hollywood Live to shed light to the rumored feud between his uncle and the late Prince. When asked about the validity of this, TJ defended his uncle’s honor and said Michael only had appreciation for Prince. 

“I don’t think feud is the right word,” TJ said. “I can say from my uncle’s side it was a lot of respect.” 

In fact, his whole family respected Prince and TJ, himself, deems Prince as one of his favorite artists. 

“He’s someone I listened to and looked up to,” said TJ.

TJ also briefly spoke about the work relationship between the late artists. 

“I believe he [Prince] did a version, and I hope this isn’t a secret, but he did a version of Bad,” said TJ.

Host Derrial Christon chimed in to mention he had read an article that said Prince was asked by Michael to be on the record, but he decided to do his own version of it. 

“Maybe it’s a different song, but I believe they worked together,” responded TJ. “I don’t know if that’s in a vault.”

While he believes that the world looks to create controversy between artists, he urges listeners to know that respect existed in his uncle’s relationship with Prince and that there was no ill regard or malicious intent to their demise.

For more from Michael Jackson’s nephew, TJ, including what artist he believes his uncle would be most proud of today, click the link above. 

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