Michael Jackson’s Nephew Now Sole Guardian of His Children

Written by: Michael Clouse – September 17th, 2019 8:43pm PT

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It’s been ten years since Michael Jackson passed away, and as his children age, their guardianship also has.

TJ Jackson, Michael’s nephew, has taken on the responsibility to help raise Prince, Paris, and Blanket.

“Being a father is tough. Being a stepfather to me is more difficult. And being a guardian is incredibly difficult, especially to my, my cousins; not because of them, but because of the circumstance of who their father is,” said TJ.

TJ was guesting on Black Hollywood Live’s Tha Trend when he shared the circumstances of rising his uncle’s children. He credits Michael for passing on some parent tips.

“When I had my son, my uncle Michael was the only one, he was the first person I told,” said TJ. “We exchanged notes, what’s working, what’s not working, what we’re struggling with, what’s the best part of being a parent. So I really understood his philosophy as a parent.”

All three of Michael’s kids have grown into their own. Paris, 21, is a successful model, Prince, 22, is a college graduate, and Blanket is in high school.

For TJ, helping raise the kids was a no brainer.

“When he passed, my brothers and I, we went to our grandmother and basically told her, however we can help, we want to be there. He was there for us when I lost our mother, my world was over and he took a strong interest to make sure we rebounded and we wanted to do the same for my cousins,” said TJ.

TJ and his grandmother, Katherine, shared responsibility for several years, but now, according to TJ, she has handed over full guardianship to him.

“Just in time as she’s gotten older, she’s kind of phased out of it and now I’m officially just the sole guardian,” revealed TJ. “I think it’s important because she’s almost 90 years old and she’s a grandma, you know, and, and she needs to relax and it’s tough raising kids, let alone teenagers so, for anyone, let alone a 90 year old, so I think it was the right thing and she needs to relax and enjoy her grandkids as grand–, as a grandmother.”

While Paris and Prince don’t need a guardian because they’re over 18, Blanket is still 17 and needs a legal guardian for a few more months.

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