Kenya Moore featured in a popular 90’s sitcom, Kandi travels down memory lane and much more!

Written by: Sana Moore – May 1st, 2020 8:51pm pst

BHL Real Housewives of Atlanta Roundup 

Turns out Kenya Moore has been practicing her shade-serving skills since the 90s! Moore posted video clips from her guest appearance on The Jamie Foxx Show from 1999. She featured on the “Change of Heart” episode as Heidi, a contestant on a love game show. Kandi Burress and Eva Marcille complimented her on her throwback! What else is Moore storing in her throwback treasure chest? 

Credit: Kenya Moore’s Instagram

Who is responsible for this meal? Eva Marcille recently reposted a picture from Rickey Smiley about her seafood boil. Eva captioned the picture with, “@rscomedy the devil is a lie… this weak ass seafood boil 👀 @rickeysmileymorningshow play too much I DID NOT COOK THIS “! This seafood boil has broken hot dogs, potatoes, eggs, a slice of an onion, and some imitation crab meat! After witnessing her pot roast meal, we have confidence in Marcille’s real seafood boil skills!

NeNe Leaks has a way for fans to make some extra money during quarantine! Leaks is hosting a dance challenge for her single, “HUNNI” and fans have the chance to win up to $1500. There are three levels of the dance challenge fans can participate in for a chance to win! Make sure to check the details out so you can get paid honey! 

Cynthia Bailey came to a realization during quarantine about herself. She explained that life is short and she wants to incorporate more self-care in her life. She shared in her video post that once she started taking long walks in her neighborhood she felt more in touch with her mental and spiritual health. She said she wants to continue learning more about herself and stay committed to her self-care routine. 

Kandi Burress posted a picture of her and Left-Eye to honor her passing. Kandi wrote TLC’s hit song, “No Scrubs” in 1992. Left-Eye passed away on April 25, 2002, and was known for her loving spirit, spontaneous personality, iconic music, and much more. 

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