Doing the right thing when nobody knows you‘re doing the right thing will always bring the right thing to you is this week’s Oprahism.

Written by: BHL Staff – April 27th, 2020 10:02pm pst


“Doing the right thing when nobody knows you’re doing the right thing will always bring the right thing to you.”  

Of all the great Oprahisms, this may be the hardest to practice.  That’s less about people wanting to do the wrong things in life.  It’s more about people knowing it’s harder to do the right things.  Doing the right thing takes more time, work and money and makes us more vulnerable, too. Sometimes it even hurts – a lot.  On top of that, seeing others do wrong daily and being rewarded in so doing, makes it all the more disheartening and unappealing. 

We hear about karma rewarding and punishing the good and bad, respectively, but our eyes may not see that – ever.  Yet, the laws of attraction have proven the sentiment to be true. Do the right thing and the right thing will come back to you.  

Oprah is not perfect. Who is? Though for decades, her programming has been about education, enlightenment and empowerment. She has used her immense platform, one that she built, to do those things when she could have just easily used it to spew negativity or sell whatever product made her a buck. Why not do so. Many other hosts and influencers have.  She did neither. She did right and right came back to her.  It would have been easier, faster and more profitable to do otherwise. It may have even felt good for her to release some venom, from time to time, to vent, complain and attack others just to blow off some steam.  Again, she rarely if ever did so though I’m sure there were days she wanted to.  But that would be easy.   A cynic would argue that Oprah did the right thing due to the fact that people were able to see her do the right thing, positively rewarding those actions. The rest of us don’t have the option.  We don’t know for sure if Oprah is practicing right without people knowing but we in the industry have heard she has.  Nevertheless, the actions, by laws of attraction, work.  If you do right, and make a conscious effort to distance from others who do not, embracing those that do, in the long run, right things will come back to you.

If you’re too cynical to subscribe to the laws of attraction then allow me to show you proof of this quote being applied by the lower common denominator. Let’s take the city of sin, Las Vegas, Nevada.  When the mob built Vegas they learned quickly that an honest card game paid the most money.  A dishonest game, or games, profited them in the short run, but word quickly seeped out and customers stopped playing.  Doing the right thing, conducting an honest game, yielded far less profits, initially. However, people learning that they had the fairest shot at winning, served to attract more customers. Over time, the profits soared and have never stopped soaring. If some of the world’s greatest criminals, sociopaths and degenerates in mobsters and gamblers learned this to be true, how can we not learn it as well?  Over time, a righteous card game pays far more than a non-righteous one. That’s the game to play. 

Do the right thing and the right thing WILL come back to you. It may take days, months or even years, but rewards will come. 

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Written by : Black Hollywood Live Staff

This article was written by our BHL Staff.

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