Oprahism on the power of surrender and giving up to power greater than yourself Oprahisms

Written by: BHL Staff – April 14th, 2020 10:48pm pst

“When you have done everything that you can do, surrender. Give yourself up to the power and energy that’s greater than yourself.”
Whether it’s fighting for a relationship, a career, a dream, or a goal, most of us have been there. That place where we feel as though we have done all we can do, against all odds and obstacles, while giving every bit of our time, resources, energy and selves, only to fall short.  Though some of us are aware of the defintion of insanity, doing the same thing, expecting different results, it matters little. When we do fall short, the first, second and even third response is to simply try even harder. Giving up is not what successful people do, after all. Thus, we double down, attack the dilemna with even more force and vitality, and often end up more tired, broke and defeated as a result.
It’s only when the very few, as in the Oprah’s of the world, choose the unlikely response of surrendering. Its an unlikely choice, because most of us will do anything but surrender when it comes to great pursuits. For most, surrendering is not in our hearts.  And if it isn’t in our hearts, in our minds.  Every great biography or folk tale on someone successfully achieving greater goods, fought against all odds and endured all the pain and suffering to get what they were after. What is ingrained in our minds is the fact that ‘they’ NEVER surrendered. They never did surrender or give up, sure. However, what’s less publicized is the minutia of their journeys, where they took their pauses and breaks to get the breakthroughs they needed. Often those come though the process of surrender.  It’s that moment in a tug of war when you let go of the rope. It’s giving up the same fight that has only been delivering the same frustrating results.  This allows you not only to relax and recharge but also to calm and clear your mind.   All of the above puts you in the best state of strength and clarity to allow the universe, God, your brain and your heart to give you the answers you need.
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