Oscar Award-Winning Director of Hair Love Bruce W. Smith Gives Insight into the World of Animation

Written by: Danny Royce – February 26th 2020, 1:15pm pst

Hair Love hits 23 million views on YouTube and inspires lives everywhere!

Bruce Smith recently sat down with Danny Royce Inside the Black Actors Studio to talk about Hair Love, possible Proud Family reboot, and the future of animation. Hair Love follows the story of a man who must do his daughter’s hair for the first time, and features Issa Rae as the voice of the mother.

credit: Bruce Smith/Instagram

When asked how Smith felt when he won the Oscar he expressed, “Once the movie was released on YouTube we got a ton of love. People were generally responding to it and the people in the academy saw it. The morning they announced the nominees we were all gathered at Matthew Cherry’s house (Creator and Producer). We felt good. I try to describe it to people. It was weird, it was cool, it was odd. All these feelings kinda like all bunched together.”

The only voice in the film was that of Issa Rae’s. Smith shared how she became the voice of the mother. “We had a small list. Matthew had a relationship with Issa and I thought Issa was a great choice, because again it was a voice you never really heard in this medium before. And see that’s a great thing about Black talent with them not being in this medium, every voice seems fresh…. It makes the character seem that much more real.”

Smith has worked on many incredible projects like Space Jam, Tarzan, Bebe’s Kids, Emperor’s New Groove and The Proud Family. The Proud family was the first of it’s kind and still seen as a classic that changed Black animation. Smith addressed the rumor circling around on the web of a possible reboot of the show.

Smith jokingly expressed “I have not heard that at all. Wild news man. It would be fantastic if they did do that and the whole cast came back. I would be in front of the TV everyday. Now with social media you get people revisiting their childhood and everything. It’s amazing nobody came behind us, it was the lead for anybody else from a creative standpoint to come up and step up to kinda do this. If we do it again, people don’t even want us to change the theme song!”

Smith has impacted many young lives with his work and still does today! Be sure to follow him and keep your eyes peeled for a possible reboot of The Proud Family!

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