Relationship expert Tracy McMillan says Season 3 of Family or Fiance is back July 11th and more intense than ever!

Written by: Alexandria Jordan – July 10th, 2020 6:07 pm pst

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OWN’s Family or Fiance’ is back and this season is more intense than ever. Family or Fiance’ puts engaged couples and their disapproving families’ under the same roof for three days with hopes to gain approval of their union before tying the knot. It’s a raw, uncut look at the family dynamic when the people closest to you have issues with the one you want to marry. 

To help the couples sort out their issues, relationship expert Tracy McMillan serves as a mediator for the couples and families while guiding them through a healing process. On the final day of unpacking layers of trauma, hurt, and differences. Each family member must decide if they approve the couple’s union. 

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“The highest good doesn’t always mean that the couple stays together. There are times when the highest good is these people actually really don’t belong together. We are redefining happy endings. Happy endings is whatever is best for everyone involved,” McMillan explained.

Fans can definitely expect some intense moments during Season 3. McMillan says, “The difference between the first season and this season is that this group of people all watched the first season, so they came on the show knowing what they wanted to work on and ready to do the work. So they were willing to go to those really deep, and, sometimes, scary places to have a healing or breakthrough.”

Filled with anger, tears, hurt, and resentment; fans may experience healing from watching the couples and families work through their own trauma. McMillan shared that she also experienced some healing as well. Being a foster care child, McMillan shared a moment from this season that was dear to her heart. “The woman fiance’ had a broken relationship with her mom who had given her up. In order to move forward in her marriage relationship she needed to resolve that,” she continued, “Bringing these two women together in that healing was healing for me. I had a lot of tears.”

Out of all the couples, fans will definitely be able to relate to some aspects of their relationship and family dynamic. McMillan says, “Anyone that is watching is going to see themselves in every one of these couples. We are just human beings and trying to have a good relationship. We struggle with a lot of the same things. You really identify with what these couples are going through on some level.”

McMillan further says, “Most people’s issues in their relationships originate in their families. You have the cause and effect living in the same house for three days. Everything comes to the surface. The issues that the couple is having trace right back to what happened in their families growing up. So there is an opportunity to heal all of it just by facing it and letting it come to the surface.”

Family or Fiance’ isn’t just the typical reality show. When fans tune in they will see the healing aspect, which makes this show important and special. McMillan expressed, “Everybody is here with their hearts open to just have healing and that’s what the show is about on every level.”

 McMillan concluded, “It’s a privilege to work with these couples and their families”.

Family or Fiance’ will premiere July 11, 2020 at 9/8c.  

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