Project Runway Star Delvin McCray Opens Up About Depression and Paris Fashion Week

Written by: Bria Williams – January 27th, 2020 9:03pm PT

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The man behind the classic/chic clothing is speaking out on his depression and what impact it has on his craft as a designer.

During a recent interview on AfterBuzz TV’s Project Runway After Show Thursday night, Delvin McCray shared how he has coped with depression and used designing clothes as an outlet.

On Thursday night’s episode the designers challenge was to create a collaboration design using painter Ashley Longshore’s designs, which are known to be colorful, bright and bold. McCray has made it known during this season that bright and colorful fabrics are all things he typically keeps out of his designs, he is a fan of creating a more neutral less colorful collections.

Delvin McCray

McCray mentioned the use of color and bold fabrics has put him in a more upbeat and happy mood, leaving one of the judges, Elaine Weltheroth, to say “I have never seen you smile this much.”

He shared his thoughts on battling depression and he has learned to cope.

“I do battle with depression,” said McCray. “I just wanted to be an example to anyone that is battling with it or anxiety that there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

McCray’s design landed his Ashley Longshore collaboration in the top 3 designs.

The judges raved about his attention to detail, print and color choice for this week’s challenge.

His designs are not only being recognized by the judges but will be taken to one of the biggest runways in fashion, Paris Fashion Week this February.

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