Actor Herve Clermont star of Tyler Perry‘s and BET’s hit cult series Ruthless joined Black Hollywood Live’s Tha Trend to chat about show, Tyler Perry pranks and moguls vision for Covid19

Written by: Derrial Christon – May 26th, 2020 3:38pm pst

BHL’s Tha Trend With Derrial Christon & Courtney Stewart

Actor Herve Clermont star of Tyler Perry’s and BET’s hit cult series “Ruthless” joined Black Hollywood Live’s Tha Trend with Derrial Christon and Courtney Stewart to chat about the show.  Clermont whose credits include Snowfall, Veronica Mars, NCIS, The Young & Restless and more, revealed a lot, including the on set prank his first day of working with Perry. 

“I remember filming my 10 scenes with Tyler aka TP, as we like to call him. Once I was done, I thought, great, I knocked out my scenes. So then TP goes, ok,  lets move on to Herve’s next scene. My heart started racing, because I thought I had forgotten a scene. He turned to me and told me to look at my sides and make it quick!  After a few long minutes, Tyler leans into me and says “gotcha”. He was messing with me and wanted everyone to have some fun on set after a long day.  I am always the practical joker, but didn’t see this coming. As an actor, preparation is everything, so it’s important to be ready.”  

When asked about how Covid-19 has affected production, Clermont stated “Tyler Perry is so ahead of the game.  I read he was figuring out how he was going to open his studios, when he was closing them after the lockdown first started. It shows how his mind works. We’re all excited to go back to work and we have become a tight family.”

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