Senate Dems prevent debate on the GOP Justice Act with a 55-45 vote, and Bubba Wallace releases an open letter praising NASCAR and FBI for their swift action, plus fans for their show of unity

Written by: Shaka Smith – June 24, 2020 11:59pm pst

BLM Community, More Than Just a Hashtag: Race and Inequality 

Black Hollywood Live’s special series, BLM Community, More Than Just A Hashtag and host Shaka Smith provides all the latest news and commentary surrounding Black Lives Matter issues. 

On this edition, the panel gave their reactions to today’s breaking news and more. The panel addressed the GOP’s Justice Act defeat, Bubba Wallace’s statement on the FBI’s findings, Tina Fey and Jimmy Kimmel’s respective apologies for utilizing blackface and The My Black Receipt campaign, which is trying to raise 5 million dollars for black owned businesses by July 6th, one day before a Blackout Day of all financial transactions for Black people to underscore the power of the Black dollar.

Senate Democrats defeated the GOP Justice Act today in a 55-45 vote preventing the opening of debate. Senate Dems derided the bill “as not meeting the moment” failing to ban chokeholds outright, establish national standards and failing to address qualified immunity.  

Today Bubba Wallace responded to backlash he has received questioning his integrity after the FBI released the findings of their investigation. Wallace who was apprised earlier this week by NASCAR that a noose was found in his stall at Talladega, spoke out strongly against racism along with the NASCAR organization. The FBI however, concluded the noose was utilized as a door pull and in the stall since at least 2019, long before it was assigned to Wallace. Rather than receiving this as positive news, some have claimed without evidence (despite Wallace being notified himself by NASCAR), that a hoax was perpetrated. This prompted Wallace to respond today via Twitter: 

Black Hollywood Live’s BLM Community show discusses race and inequality in America with host Shaka Smith and panelists: actor Benjamin Patterson (OWN’s Greenleaf), and celebrity fitness trainer and creator of Beachbody’s The Work, Amoila Cesar.

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