Sistas’ Novi Brown In Awe of Filming at New Tyler Perry Studios

Written by: Nakia Monet – December 16th, 2019 6:51pm PT

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Tyler Perry’s new Atlanta studios have only been open for a couple months, but they’re already creating magic.

Tyler Perry’s new BET show, Sistas, follows four best friends who go through trials and tribulations, ups and downs and highs and lows while navigating love and friendships. While dealing with all of their relationships with love, family and work, the women have to learn how to deal with life while trying to stay sane. We meet Andi, Karen, Danni and Sabrina who all live in Atlanta, all in their 30’s and all best friends.

We recently had the pleasure of talking with actress Novi Brown, who plays Sabrina on the hit show. She stopped by our after show and talked to us about how she landed the role and the true essence of playing Sabrina.

On the show, Sabrina is a single bank teller who starts dating a new guy but she starts to question his sexuality because he comes off different than most guys she is used to.

Brown was asked what it was like working on the brand new historical Tyler Perry lot in Atlanta.

“It’s historical,” said Brown. “You know, you know you’re helping push the needle forward. Like I know for sure something I’m doing is mattering. I know for sure, because I’m just part of a family that’s doing things that matters.”

For Brown, it’s a culmination of so much hard work coming to fruition.

“So being down there and just being in the thick of it, obviously you don’t have a lot of time because we just move so fast, but just knowing when you walk up to the dream building every day, and people used to ask me, oh, ‘what’s up, how you doing?’ I’m like, ‘I’m living the dream, I’m living the dream.’ And I was working at a company called, like, Living The Dream before earlier this year and you know what I’m saying,” said Brown. “It’s just all the things come together and then the creative team, the makeup artists, the hair stylists, the styling, right, we were talking about the fashion, just knowing that I’m taken care of.“

Brown said the interview process to landing the role was much quicker than she thought it’d be.

“Boom got the contract on that Wednesday. I called my mom. We cried on the phone, and flew out on Thursday night, got there Friday, filmed on Monday. It was that fast,” said Brown.

A dream coming true for Brown, and a studio inspiring other young actors and actresses to pursue their own dreams.

Make sure to check out Sistas on BET every Wednesday at 10pm ET/7pm PT, and then come talk about it with us on our after show right after. You can also follow Brown on Instagram at @iamnovibrown.

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