A video of Johnniqua Charles went viral and now You About to Lose Yo Job Is officially a ringtone for Android and iPhone

Written by: Sana Moore – June 24th, 2020 3:06pm pst

Come and get this dance, and ringtone for your phone, because “You About to Lose Yo Job” is officially available for a customized ringtone. 

The worldwide sensation song came from Johnniqua Charles when she was handcuffed in South Carolina. During the video, she continuously asked the officer to explain to her why she was being wrongfully arrested. 

“When his back up came, the other police officer, I guess his Sargent or whoever was over him, whoever he called, when they arrived, and he told them the situation, meaning he didn’t have a legit reason as to why he was detaining me, he had to let me go,” Charles said. 

Now, many protestors are singing “You About to Lose Yo Job” during protests. 

“To see people using that and in a protest… I’m in awe right now,” she said 

You can now get the ringtone for Android and iPhone. 

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