Supergirl’s April Parker Jones Discusses New Film Hunther and Working W/ Tyler Perry on If Loving You Is Wrong

Written by: Bryant Santos – April 25th, 2020 8:05pm pst


April Parker Jones is THAT girl in the TV industry, with roles on many shows and films that show off her Black excellence. April is a working mom of two kids and is able to balance her acting career, mom duties, and now even gymnastics in quarantine!

In a recent interview for AfterBuzz TV, April shared what it was like working with Tyler Perry on OWN’s If Loving You Is Wrong.

“Honey, let me tell you, it was a dream come true. But this show, it went five seasons. And any show in Hollywood that goes beyond a season is a blessing, so to have been on this show for five seasons working with Tyler Perry and working with Oprah on her awesome network. These two powerhouses honey, it was a dream come true.

April also shared a fun moment from set when Tyler had to walk April through snatching a weave!

“I do remember this one scene we had to shoot and Tyler wanted me to fight. He wanted me to grab the other woman’s hair, and try to pull her weave out! And I go, ‘Tyler, I’m not a fighter. I’m a lover!’ And he goes, ‘Listen, come here, let me tell you something April, I know my audience’, and he goes ‘maybe April wouldn’t fight this woman, but Natalie would, so do it!’, so I did it!”, she shared with a laugh.

Moving into what April has going on now, we discussed her new film Hunther, where April plays the lead role of Morgan, and she shared that Morgan is a combination of all the characters she’s played to date including Natalie from If Loving You Is Wrong, Darcy from Jericho, and even Colonel Haley in Supergirl. April also shared that while she’s had some experience with stunt work in the past, she’s never done stunts like she did for Hunther. April shared that she did all of her own stunts for Hunther and that just proved that If Loving April and her acting work is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

When she’s not kicking ass in Hunther or making us feel all the feels on If Loving You Is Wrong, you can also catch April in her recent roles on shows like All American and S.W.A.T.

Be sure to check out Hunther when it comes out soon and you can also check out all the fun things April has going on at her Instagram and Twitter @a_parkerjones.

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