BHL’s New, Black and Beautiful list is out and our selections are delicious! This week it’s all about the NBB food stars from Sweet Potato Soul, The Kitchenista and Chef Resha to Jocelyn Delk Adams, Rachel Ama and more!

Written by: Ashley Dior Jones – May 19th, 2020 11:18pm pst

BHL’s New, Black and Beautiful: Food Stars

It would be hard for anyone to miss the allure these women have. They are ushering in a new wave of beauty and talent that is undeniable.  Ready to take over the status quo, they are New, Black and Beautiful. This week, we focus on chefs & food bloggers who’ve got the looks to grab your attention and the talent to keep it. Presenting the New, Black and Beautiful Food stars edition and the world’s new black and beautiful foodies to follow.

Quarantine has put a lot of our cooking skills to the test & these beauties have the recipes to keep your cooking game strong with food blogs and Instagram pages you should follow during Quarantine and after! 

Sweet Potato Soul- Jenné Claiborne

Jenné Claiborne is a vegan personal chef based out of NYC. She founded The Nourishing Vegan, a personal chef company, and has a cookbook, Sweet Potato Soul, that shares recipes from Vegan Banana Pancakes to Al Pastor Tacos.Her food blog has easy to follow vegan recipes & videos plus a free downloadable recipe meal plan. We love to see it!

The KitchenistaAngela Davis 

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Hi… it's me, Angela. I do not look anything like this after 30 days in quarantine. But it's #throwbackthursday and I prefer to live in denial. 😂 Today was my food blog anniversary! Eight years ago, I wrote my first post at At the time, I was just a single mom working a 9 to 5, trying to cook better at home. Four cookbooks, more than 400 published recipes, and a whole extra kid later, I'm still at it. If you've been a part of my journey in any way, thank you! Longevity is not something I ever take for granted. It feels good to have started a project and stuck with it through all the ups and downs. I'm forever grateful to have found my way into the kitchen because cooking has both saved my life and changed my life. This year has been a hot mess. I'm not okay tbh, but I am hanging in there just like so many of you. While this pandemic has the whole world on a collective timeout, I'm using the time at home to hibernate and create. If I have learned anything from the #kitchenistadiaries, it's to keep going even when you can't see the light. Keep cooking, keep writing, keep figuring it out. One recipe at a time. 💜

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Angela, The Kitchenista, is a self taught home cook, recipe developer & part time private chef from the Motor City. This ex accountant & mom of two is all about elevating comfort food to the next level and she does it well! Her recipe for Skillet Peach Cobbler touches my heart & reminds me of my home in Tennessee. When you check out her Instagram page you will salivate-guaranteed.

Rachel Ama

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LITTLE OLD ME IS OFFICIALLY A BOOK AUTHOR 😢🌱📚 Not to get too deep…. but growing up the chefs I saw on tv or ones I saw on the cover of books at bookshops never looked anything like me so little me never thought I’d be here today haven written a cookbook with my face bang on the cover 😢 serving up flavour led vegan recipes for all 🌱 • I really believe in veganism for the animals, the planet and our health and my own little activism is creating banging recipes, so if your new to it, been living it for years or just want to add some plant based recipes to your week my goal is for this book to inspire and give y’all some more delicious recipes to make that happen to be vegan 🌱 • My book is out in June 2019 and if you preorder it now you’ll get an ebook with 7 recipes including one of my FAVOURITE recipes everrrrr in so you can start cooking now! Link is in my bio ❤️ • I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who has been supporting me! It never, ever, ever goes unnoticed and a huge thank you to everyone who has already pre ordered ❤️!! I will have a book launch where I can meet as many of you as possible to say thank you again! ❤️

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This UK beauty specializes in plant based vegan dishes. Her Instagram page is packed with colorful vegetable dishes along with this mom-to-be’s upbeat personality. Rachel is fun to watch and her recipes are super approachable. Check out her cookbook Rachel Ama’s Vegan Eats.

Carnal Dish-Chef Resha

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hey y’all. just stoppin thru. so boom, i started a #ketogenic diet a couple weeks ago. i originally planned to start it Feb 1st, but why wait? i have to admit that i’m totally a believer of the whole keto phenomenon. the hype is real. the pros heavily outweigh the cons (to ME). about me: since i was 7, i suffered from headaches, migraines, and chronic sinus issues. i’m THIRTY-EIGHT years old, and this is the first time in my LIFE i’ve gone more than a week WITHOUT a headache and ZERO sinus pressure. that fact alone brings me to tears. that sinus pressure was so debilitating that i would get this pain in my neck and shoulders that made existing difficult. painkillers rarely worked for me and i was so scared to take them cuz i’m still breastfeeding, so i would just wait til nighttime to give it time to pass thru my blood by morning. THAT sucked cuz i’d always wake up feeling just as bad. they didn’t work. feeling like shit all the time often led to me being in the WORST mood of all time. irritated and annoyed because of my inability to feel good physically. i see my little toddler smiling at me begging me to pick him up and swing him around and i couldn’t because i was in constant pain. on top of that, for the last two months, i was getting WEATHER KNEES! u know when your knee acts tf up cuz the weather’s about to be bad?? man. that was me! what i DID NOT KNOW was that SUGAR was the goddamn culprit. i would have NEVER known, had i stopped eating it. the knee pain went away. the sinus pressure went away. the headaches are gone. my joy has increased. my energy is thru the roof. i feel so damn good and i just can’t believe SUGAR was the reason i felt so tired, so weak, so fatigued. i really thought “damn i’m finally getting old”, nah lol. my greedy ass was eating sugar and carbs in abundance! the cherry 🍒 on top? i’m MELTING. my body is literally melting, and for the last four days i’ve lost four pounds. a total of 10 pounds in 14 days. the first three pounds were water, then it stalled…until a bih started doing intermittent fasting. i’ll blog about all this SOON, cuz i’ve got keto recipes to share 🥰 just giving y’all an update! ♥️ #keto #carnaldish

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Chef Resha believes food is sexy and if you take one look at her blog page Carnal Dish you will agree! 

She loves butter, bacon & all things flavor packed-so leave your calorie counter behind-it’s not welcome here. Chef Rasha is here to help us fall in love with cooking and she does it beautifully. Check out her YouTube page CarnalDish, trust me you’ll be so inspired to get in the kitchen and make a meal that’s unforgettable.

Grandbaby Cakes-Jocelyn Delk Adams

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Thanks so much Today Show @3rdhourtoday for having me on to make bomb 🍌 🍞 this morning ! If you missed my segment, the link to it and the recipe is in my bio. Also catch the IGTV video on @3rdhourtoday of me turning banana bread into French toast up now. P.S. the segment and recipe are on Apple News today which is pretty 👌🏾 (swipe), and I was asked about this dress a bazillion times today. It’s Polo Ralph Lauren boos. 😉 . . . . #eeeeeats #eater #f52grams #feedyoursoull #todayfood #feedfeed #beautifulcuisines #buzzfeast #tipsgroup #foodblogfeed #essenceeats #theeverygirl #soulfood #southernrecipe #cake #cakestagram #banana #bananabread #huffposttaste #breakfast #frenchtoast

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Jocelyn is the go to for all of your baking desires. She derives her recipes from her grandmother’s Mississippi classics but adds a modern twist that makes it her own. She doesn’t want us to feel guilty about enjoying dessert and we are here for it! Check out her cookbook Grandbaby Cakes and indulge in the sweet treats with no remorse.

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