Terry Crews Still Wants Role in The Little Mermaid

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7/31/19 9:30AM

Terry Crews might have gotten turned down to play King Triton on The Little Mermaid, but he’s not giving up hope for another role in the remake!

Crews took to Twitter to publicly campaign for the role of Triton, posting a photoshopped picture of him as a merman with the caption, “Ariel’s Dad!!!! #ArielsGotTerry #AmericasGotTerr”

Javier Bardem has been linked to the role of Triton, and Crew says he approves.

“You know, the Triton thing’s over. Javier Bardem, I mean, he’s the man,” complimented Crews.

Crews was talking with Black Hollywood Live at San Diego Comic-Con and said he has no regrets over trying to land the part.

“You gotta understand this, I’m gonna say this right now. It’s just like going, it’s just like running for president. It doesn’t hurt you. All of a sudden, you know, nobody looks at you like you went for it and didn’t get it. Nobod– listen I went for it, I, I shot my shot. Okay, I jumped in the ring,” said Crews.

What a great attitude!

Plus, there are other roles! When asked about the possibility of voicing Flouder or others, Crews responded, “Yeah! It’s great, it’s great!”

Crews was happy to start another campaign for his Brooklyn Nine-Nine costar Joe Lo Truglio, though, who could be a fit for Sebastian!

“I’d be all over that,” said an ecstatics Lo Truglio.

“That’s a great one! Put some claws on, man,” backed Crews!

Guess we’ll have to wait and see who will fill the final roles in the Disney classic’s remake! For the full interview with Crews and Lo Truglio, click the link above!