Trump goes on a Twitter tirade calling The Black Lives Matter Mural a symbol of hate. The McCloskeys defend brandishing guns as protesters marched down their St. Louis street. Viola Davis’ 2018 conversation on inequality goes viral.

Written by: Shaka Strong – July 1st, 2020 10:11 pm pst

Credit: People Magazine

BLM Community, More Than Just a Hashtag: Race and Inequality 

Black Hollywood Live’s special series, BLM Community, More Than Just A Hashtag and host Shaka Smith provides all the latest news and commentary surrounding Black Lives Matter issues. 

In this edition, the panel gave their reactions to today’s breaking news and more. The panel addressed President Trump’s Wednesday morning tweet storm in which he called the Black Lives Matter Mural a “symbol of hate” that would denigrate the “luxury Avenue,” in response to Mayor Bill DeBlasio ordering that the mural be painted on 5th Avenue in front of Trump Tower. This follows the recent naming of Black Lives Matter Plaza by DC Mayor Muriel Bowser. 

Twitter: Donald Trump

The panel also addressed the McCloskeys. The couple have been making the rounds in various interviews to defend holding guns on protesters in their St. Louis neighborhood. Through their attorney, they claim their actions were not directed at the peaceful protesters but at the threatening actions of a few.  Their attorney maintains, “in fact, the agitators responsible for the trepidation were white.” Currently, their actions are being investigated by the St. Louis Police Department and the City Circuit Attorney. 

Credit: 2018 Women in the World Event

Moving onto entertainment, the panel turned to Viola Davis and her viral conversation at a 2018 Women in the World event. Kicked off by a tweet, it has seen renewed attention amidst the Black Lives Matter movement, sparking conversations about racial inequality in various professions 

Twitter: Jimmy Folino 

Black Hollywood Live’s BLM Community show discusses race and inequality in America with host Shaka Smith and panelists: attorney LaToya Lynn Blakely, musician MikeTaylor, and actor/creator of Ghostwriters TV, Jackie Fern.

For the full BLM Community episode and for more great discussion, be sure to check out Black Hollywood Live’s BLM Community: More Than A Hashtag.

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