Retired UFC fighter Ian McCall opens up to Fit Club’s Shaka Smith and Fallon Mercedes Brock on UFC 249, the future of sports amidst covid19 and how psilocybin has helped him heal after a brutal career and may offer benefits to athletes at all levels.

Written by: Shaka Smith – May 14th, 2020 2:35pm pst

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BHL Fit Club: Ian McCall 

Ian McCall, retired UFC fighter returned to Fit Club and gave an update on his life since retirement. He is currently happily quarantined with his partner, his daughter and her children. He sat down to discuss the first major sporting league event since the Corona shutdown, UFC 249, the future of sports, and staying in shape with The McCall Method, a psychedelic integrative approach for high level sports and performers.

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On UFC 249, McCall, playfully calls Dana a “madman” whose outside the box thinking, he believes was needed to accomplish a bold return of the first sporting event by a major professional sports association. He noted, the UFC is diligent and thorough with its testing and was happy to see what he describes as a responsible return to sports. On other leagues opening up, McCall expressed his support, but focused on being responsible and following the guidelines at all levels.  

On The McCall Method, Ian describes his focus on the microdiet and the use of a range of mushrooms, including those containing psilocybin that can produce a hallucinogenic effect. He promotes diet and exercise first which he credits to healing his daughter’s juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. He also credits this healing to the use of CBD oil and targeting inflammation, a culprit he always looks to keep in check. 

Referencing the microdosing of psychedelic mushrooms on performance and training, McCall describes the microdosing of psilocybin as having a profound effect on an athlete’s fear response allowing for a deeper focus on the task at hand. The McCall Method stresses the importance of delving into the underlying trauma that produces fear responses for athletes before microdosing is engaged as a tool.

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When asked about his own routine he has partnered with Life Cykel and Elixicure for his mushroom and cbd regimen. McCall also attributes his own healing from numerous traumatic brain injuries to the microdosing of psilocybin. He has further employed a routine of breathwork and gratitude that helps with his mental and physical health, something he has keyed in on while in quarantine. 

McCall is also working with Decriminalize California which is an effort to decriminalize psilocybin, as he tries to help more people on their path to physical and mental wellness. He is also embarking on getting certified as a shaman for his own personal growth, tools that will serve well as he assists clients on their growth journey. You can check in with Ian McCall on his Instagram @unclecreepymma and if you’re looking to explore self care, every Monday at 11:30am he hosts a Self Care Therapy class – attendees can sign up at For the full Fit Club episode and for more great content on health and staying fit, be sure to check out Black Hollywood Live’s Fit Club.

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