Torre Washington has been displaying excellence in the bodybuilding world since he stepped on stage in 2009 and got his pro card the very same year. He shared his journey, his philosophy and how veganism has kept his mental and physical health in shape through the turbulence of Covid19 and the Black Lives Matter movement, with hosts Shaka Smith and Fallon Mercedes Brock.

Written by: Shaka Smith – June 23rd, 2020 7:30pm pst

Black Hollywood Live’s Fit Club: Torre Washington

Torre Washington has never been one to follow the masses. As a vegan bodybuilder he has defied expectations and continues to carve out his own lane. It is a personality trait that has remained unchanged during the unprecedented twin crisis of Covid19 and racial tension, as Washington shared his views on Fit Club. 

Carefully prefacing his philosophy with a warning for viewers that he is not of the mainstream, Washington revealed he has had no anxiety in the current climate. He has adhered to a routine that has remained largely unchanged by the times since September. However, to truly grasp this, one must understand his reasoning. He explained further, that if we are taking care of our bodies from the start, there is no cause for concern, and a mindset of stillness aids in removing the reactionary fear response that checking in with the news may cause. 

As far as protesting, he avoids judging anyone, believing people express themselves in different ways and should have the space to manifest that expression. He credits this view with keeping him anxiety free as well, but wants to underscore he deeply cares for people. Washington was raised a seventh day adventist and converted to rastafarianism which he explains is all about love for all and oneness with the universe. His goal is for people to recognize their own power in nutrition and taking care of their health in order to be strong and continually improve. A mindset partially drawn from the japanese philosophy of kaizen.  

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On nutrition, Washington revealed his top herbs for health are turmeric, cayenne, cinnamon, himalayan sea salt, thyme, and sage. For the bodybuilders and active lifestyle warriors who want to remain lean and build muscle, Washington first tackled the idea of carbohydrates being vilified, giving the details only an engineer turned bodybuilder could deliver. He leans on carbohydrates heavily for himself and his clients as a necessary fuel source. As for the dreaded, oft asked vegan protein question, Washington highlighted non vegans get their protein from the middle men, the animals who largely and many times exclusively eat vegetation. He notes fruits and vegetables contain  protein, including watermelons, dates etc, and utilizes tofu and soy based products which he has been using most of his life, eschewing estrogenic concerns. 

On becoming a vegan advocate, Washington discussed his desire to serve, but as a black man with long dreads, found his desire upended by how he was viewed in appearance alone. He found however, in the bodybuilding world, people were fascinated that he could maintain such a physique and be vegan, which gave him an outlet to share positivity with the world. 

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Washington discussing his programs Nourish and Primer, stressed portion control and encouraged women not to be intimidated by working out. He wants to change the way we view portions and dispel any myths for women regarding getting too big. If you want to get on Torre Washington’s level or maybe just get close, Nourish and Primer are available on his website, and you can keep up with Torre on Instagram @torre.washington  

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