Viral Star Ernestine Johnson Morrison Using Platform Helping Other Creators

Written by: Neema Skye – January 8th, 2020 10:06pm PT

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Multi-viral poet Ernestine Johnson Morrison is using her platform of going viral to create one of Atlanta’s biggest coworking spaces for creatives and entrepreneurs.

After four years of her viral moment on The Arsenio Hall Show, Ernestine Johnson Morrison has become a major influencer and entrepreneur.

Credit: The Arsenio Hall Show

Although she did not immediately go viral after being on the show, she began building the team who would represent her, and eventually within one year’s time she hit one million views.

Often known for her most powerful rendition of Beyonce’s “Formation,” she has created a platform of authentic messages through her viral poetry. Morrison states that in order for any creator to go viral they must first understand authenticity.

“Authenticity will take you further than talent could ever take you, and that’s one that I’ve always been big on, integrity and authenticity. You may not like me. I may be too aggressive for you, I may be too assertive, I may be too bossy for you, but guess what? I’m authentic. I am authentic and I’m gonna walk with integrity,” said Morrison.

With her power in numbers and influence, Ernestine credits that, “with that platform, what I’ve done now is built businesses, and built companies, and I just started Green Lit ATL, um, which is a, is a media company, and a social networking event for industry professionals in Atlanta, that’s expanding to New York and LA and Chicago.”

Staking 2.6 acres of land in the east point area of Atlanta, Georgia, Morrison has opened an additional creative space called Legacy Center.

She explains that the center is “coworking, film and media production space, and financial services and wealth education. It’s our mini Black Wall Street. It is a, it is a modern day Black Wall Street. We’ve painted the building black so it’s Legacy Center, aka, the Black House.”  

This is just the beginning of a brand new era of creation, and we’re excited to see what creativity flows from the opportunities Morrison is creating.!

You can stay connected and follow Morrison at @mrsernestinemorrision, @greenlitatl, @ourlegacycenter on social media.

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