William Jackson Harper Gets MAJOR Praise From Kristen Bell

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8/1/19 10:23PM

William Jackson Harper has the number one fan we all can only dream of!

Harper was at San Diego Comic-Con promoting NBC’s The Good Place with his fellow cast, when Kristen Bell expressed her love for him.

“That’s not to say that every person in Hollywood is not going to be calling wills phone the minute we wrap this show,” said Bell.

The Good Place will be entering its fourth and final season in September, and that means the stars will be looking for new gigs.

Harper plays Chidi Anagonye, the love interest of Bell’s character, Eleanor Shellstrop.

Harper is just making sure Bell is giving out the right contact information so people can get ahold of him.

“My personal number?” questioned Harper, to which Bell confirmed, “Yeah, well, I’ve given it out!”

And that’s not the only thing she’s given out.

“There’s cards at the front where I put Will’s personal email, personal cell phone,” said Bell.

In addition to being in The Good Place, Harper has starred in the movie, Midsommar, and is set to star in Season 2 of Amazon’s Jack Ryan, with John Krasinski.

Still, Bell knows there’s a lot more ahead for the rising actor.

“People are going to be so excited that you’re available,” gushed Bell.

Season 4 of The Good Place premieres Thursday, September 26th.